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Why Mental Procreation ?

May 28, 2008

Some of you might think, why this guys has choosen such an odd blog title, let me explain you why I’ve choosen this name …

I needed to come up quickly with a name for this blog, and as I was running out of inspiration, I remember that as a teenager I was a happy owner of a Commodore 64 8 bits computer and that I was also an avid reader of a magazine called Zzap 64, it was simply the best paper magazine dedicated to the C64. The magazine featured your usual game reviews, how to cheat in some games by poking into the game loaded in the RAM so you ended up with unlimited lives, weapons or even disable the sprite collision routine.

But my favourite part of the magazine have always been computer programmer interviews and the legendary programmer diaries.

The title Mental Procreation is an hommage to Andrew Braybrook (Andy, Why did you leave the video game industry for an insurance company?) and Zzap magazine. Andrew Braybrook was my programming hero back then. For those who were more into Apple computer (I could not afford the Apple II in those day, it was a very expensive beast), Consider that Andrew Braybrook is to the Commodore 64 what Bill Budge (the brain behind pinball construction set from EA)  meant to the Apple ][ owners

Check out the original Mental Procreation diary as it was published back in 1987 :