Just 2 days left before the 30 days sprint challenge

Just 2 days left  before the 30 days sprint challenge and to sort out my priority list, right now all I have is :

– A domain registered

–  A product logo

– A product idea

A bit of spare time

I miss some precious ingredients to get going, that’s

– No written specs

– Not a single line of code

– No web site setup

I think my next action should be setting up the web site, this should enable Google starting indexing my site, I’ve read this can take up to 6 to 18 months … Even if it’s a cheap template, I really need to put a few pages online, explaining what features the product will offer and maybe a registration form, for the users who would like to  be informed when the product will be release …

I wonder at which stage of the development are the other folks that will be participating to this experience. 



June 2008 Workoad

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2 Comments on “Just 2 days left before the 30 days sprint challenge”

  1. Mike W Says:

    Looks good, how’s it going so far?

    I’m just starting my 30 days, been generous and given myself today as a “bonus” day “0” in order to get set up. The real work starts tomorrow! http://blog.evolvedsoftwarestudios.com/category/30daychallenge/

  2. mentalprocreation Says:

    I’ve not made much progress until last week, that’s I’ve been getting quite on this blog, I’ve been overwhelmed with consulting work last week, basically dealing with 3 customers which were putting into production some code that I’ve delivered to them …

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